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Sequins Care Information
All our sequin garments come in a Juledar garment bag, we recommend you use this bag to protect your sequin garments when you are travelling.

Hand Washing Clothes With Sequins
We recommend hand washing to be the most gentle method for cleaning your sequinned garment. Always completely button or zip up all closures and turn the garment inside out. Use cool water and a mild detergent designed for hand washing. Do not scrub vigorously or wring the garment tightly. Too much agitation can bend or break the sequins.
If the sequinned garment has a stain but is otherwise clean, try spot-cleaning the stain first. If the stain is a non-oily food stain or dirt, mix a solution of one teaspoon mild detergent designed for hand washing with one cup cool water. Mix well and then use a cotton swab dipped in the solution to remove the stain.
If the stain is oil-based, you may need to use a dry cleaning solvent.

Machine Washing Clothes With Sequins
We do not recommend machine washing clothes with sequins.

Drying Clothes With Sequins
Never put sequinned garments in an automatic dryer - the sequins may become damaged. Garments may be hung to air dry. Heavier garment items with sequins should be dried first flat using a vented mesh stand or on thick towels.

After Washing Care for Clothes With Sequins
We recommend only ironing areas of a garment that does not contain sequins, and to only use steam on areas containing sequins. Note that even ironing on the inner side through a towel can cause the sequins to to become damaged. If you must remove wrinkles, use a clothes steamer carefully. Steam on the inner side and keep the steam wand at least twelve inches away from the fabric.
You can also remove wrinkles from sequinned clothes by hanging them in a steamy bathroom for 30 minutes before wearing. Allow the garment to dry completely before wearing to avoid creating more wrinkles.

Sequins Repair Kit
Loose sequins? If you see a loose sequin or thread, resist the urge to pull the thread. Instead, make a double knot to hold the sequins in place until you can make a repair or take the garment to a good seamstress.
We provide sequins package with your garment, should you need to repair a lost sequins. Use a very thin, fine needle and a thread that matches the sequins. Tie a knot in the thread and draw it up to the surface from the wrong side of the fabric (knot will be on the wrong side). Use tiny stitches and reattached the loose sequins.
Due to the handmade nature of sequinned garments some sequins may become damaged.
We provide you with a Sequins Care package attached to our clothing. In the package, you will find sequins incase you have lost some during wear.
For any questions outside our Care Guide, or you may require and additional sequins repair kit; please contact us at HERE.

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